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Contents King Personal Property Inventory
Contents King Personal Property Inventory

Contents King

Personal Property Inventory

Windows XP, Vista 32/64b, Windows 7 32/64b



Contents King© Personal Property Estimating Software

Insurance Claim Software Contents King is a personal property estimating program that makes it easy for policyholders, insurance Claims adjusters, and public insurance adjusters to enter and estimate property losses. Rather than relying on pads of paper or Excel spreadsheets, use this free utility to record and calculate insurance losses.

Contents King is capable of managing multiple projects, allowing you to create and save individual projects by client name. Once you’ve created a project, enter the policyholder’s name, policy number, contact information, sales tax rate, and other information. From there, add rooms to the project such as kitchen, living room, basement, and other affected rooms. The room labels link to data forms where you’ll then enter loss details for each room such as item name and description, model number, serial number, age, life expectancy, and estimated replacement cost.

Once the data has been entered, Contents King then depreciates each item based on its current age and expected life. The software also calculates replacement cost with values entered for actual cash value and depreciation automatically appearing.

Contents King also features detailed reports that you can print once the data has been entered. These reports list one room per page, with each page clearly labeled with policyholder and Insurance Claim information.

Whether you’re a policyholder submitting an insurance Claim on your own or an insurance Claims adjuster, this easy-to-use tool allows you to document and estimate insurance losses without the need for using Microsoft Excel.

Want to see Contents King in action before you download it? Check out this video demonstration by Stephen Hadhazi:

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