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One-Button Desktop Cleanup
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One-Button Desktop Cleanup


Windows XP, Vista 32/64b, Windows 7 32/64b



One-Button Desktop Cleanup

As with most professions, computers are indispensable tools of the trade for insurance Claims adjusters. Fresh out of the box, computers are clean and streamlined. However, it doesn’t take long before the desktop becomes cluttered with icons, making it difficult to find the icons that you really need. For example, when installing new programs, most programs automatically add a desktop shortcut to the program. In addition, many users save files and folders to the desktop. While convenient, when the desktop fills up, it’s hard to find specific icons. Much like a desk cluttered with papers, a cluttered desktop adversely affects productivity.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sweep the desktop clean and start fresh? One-Button Desktop Cleaner lets you do just that with a simple click of a button. Your desktop items are swept into a single folder on the desktop where you can better manage them by sorting, grouping, or deleting.

Watch as Insurance Claim software developer Stephen Hadhazi demonstrates the One-Button Desktop Cleanup utility below and then download your free copy today!

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