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Insurance Claim Software introduces MacroNote, a handy utility that transforms frequently used text into keyboard macros. Designed with insurance Claims adjusters in mind, this software is useful for anyone who frequently enters the same text into documents, forms, and email messages.

MacroNote is a Text Macro Management System, or TMMS, that allows you to paste your pre-defined text into electronic documents simply by using the assigned keyboard shortcut. For example, if you regularly enter a line of text such as, ″Water damaged carpet must be dried, cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized,″ you can assign a keyboard shortcut such as Control+W and then use that keyboard combination each time you need to type the text. While this example is a simple one-line sentence, the text macros can contain as much text as you need. Even automating short entries is a huge time saver once you begin putting your macros to work!

MacroNote is easy to use, yet incredibly sophisticated. Use Insurance Claim Software MacroNote to:

1. Create your own personal ″master text macros″ and sub-macros known as ″notes″. A master text macro is used for specific purposes such as for different aspects of your business. For example, you might create a master text macro and call it ″Xactimate″. You’d then use this master macro any time you are working with the Xactimate program. Within this master text macro you’d have your individual notes, each with its own keyboard shortcut. You could also create a master text macro for invoices, correspondence, and other categories.

2. Create as many notes and master text macros as you need. The masters and notes are stored in a tree-like structure, making it easy to expand or hide master text macros and notes.

3. Import and export master text macros. This makes it easy to transport your macros and notes to different computers or email them to your MacroNote-using colleagues and business associates. The export function allows you to exclude a note’s contents as well which is useful if you want to share your master text macros but not necessarily the sensitive information (such as passwords, PIN numbers, or credit card numbers) contained within individual notes.

4. Print master text macros, notes, and their corresponding keyboard shortcuts. Use your printout as a desktop reference sheet to remind you of which keyboard combinations to use to insert specific text.

Want to see Insurance Claim Software MacroNote in action? Check out this video demonstration by MacroNote developer and public insurance adjuster Stephen Hadhazi.

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