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One-Button Screen Shot


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Insurance Claim Software specializes in simplicity, offering useful utilities that do one thing and do that one thing well. One-Button Screenshot is an excellent example of Insurance Claim Software’s philosophy of making everyday tasks easier. Whenever you need to capture a screenshot, One-Button Screenshot let’s you do so with a simple click of a button.

While more sophisticated screen capture utilities exist, One-Button Screenshot was developed for insurance Claims adjusters who need a quick, simple way to snap a screenshot. For example, of your computer generates an error and you want to send a screenshot to tech support for help, you don’t need a fancy, difficult-to-use program. Instead use One-Button Screenshot and be done with it.

By default, One-Button Screenshot is extremely simple. You do not need to fiddle with the software to start using it. The utility does offer a few options for greater flexibility, but these options are just that: optional. Should you opt to use these features, you’ll find that they too are easy to use. For example, once you save a screenshot to a folder, that folder automatically becomes your default folder. Likewise, when you first choose a file type (such as .jpeg, .png, or .bmp) for saving your screenshot, this file type is saved in your preferences.

One-Button Screenshot is easy to use because of its elegant simplicity. With just four features, you’ll be up and running with this utility as soon as you download it. Its features are:

1. Desktop default. All of your screenshots are saved to the Windows desktop by default, making it easy to find your screenshots. This also makes it easy to delete them once they’ve served their purpose.

2. Support for popular file types. Save your screenshots in popular file types such as .jpeg, .png, or .bmp.

3. Keyboard shortcuts. Assign a keyboard key combination and then use that combination whenever One-Button Screenshot is running to quickly capture an onscreen image. Simply use your keyboard shortcut and One-Button Screenshot automatically saves the screenshot according to the defaults or your preferences. Taking screenshots shouldn’t be a pain – and One-Button Screenshot ensures a pain-free experience!

4. Right-click functionality. If you opt not to assign a keyboard shortcut, or if you forget your shortcut, simply right-click One-Button Screenshot’s system tray icon and choose ″Take Screenshot″. Snap! The screen’s image is captured and automatically saved to your default or preferred file location.

Stephen Hadhazi - Software Developer & Public Insurance Adjuster

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