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  • Easy Configuration – DocuDemon was designed with ease-of-use in mind. Simply enter your Gmail (or other email account) username and password into the SMPT/POP setup screen, add your contacts' email addresses and fax numbers, and begin scheduling transmissions.

  • Scheduled Fax and Email Transmissions – Schedule the transmission of important faxes and/or email messages so that your documents arrive at a designated time and date.

  • Integrated eFax Support – DocuDemon works in conjunction with your existing eFax account, allowing you to schedule faxes in advance or send faxes immediately. If you need to fax a PDF document to multiple recipients or CC specific clients via email, DocuDemon makes doing so a simple matter of point-and-click.

In addition to the convenience of scheduling transmissions, when you use DocuDemon with eFax, you have a third party record documenting exactly what you faxed, when you faxed it, and when it was received by the recipient. Use DocuDemon to efficiently manage messages and verify the safe receipt of your most important documents.

Best of all, DocuDemon is free software developed specifically for public insurance adjusters. Download your free copy today.

HERE is a short video that shows to create a free Gmail account for use with the DocuDemon Claim Software

HERE is a short video that shows why using Efax provides great 3rd party evidence






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